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Shabbat and Holiday meals

Permit to enter the synagogues

All the synagogues in Rome, which could be found on www.JewishRome.com, required advanced registration before Friday at 2 pm in order to gain entrance. you will need to complete the following form here.

Shabbat meals with Chabad



Since 2014, Chabad in the Piazza Bologna area in Rome hosts large family-style Shabbat and holidays meals for local Jews, foreign students learning in Rome and tourists, to enable them to live a true Shabbat and holiday experience.

At the moment we host only on Friday night, Shabbat day there is a Kiddush in the synagogue.

For most of the summertime, we are not organizing Shabbat meals.

To signup go to the Event list and select a Shabbat, registration closes Friday at 10 am.

There are many Hotels and Kosher B&B in the Piazza Bologna area, Click here to book a regular Hotel or here for a Kosher B&B,

If you would like to stay at a luxury 5 star hotel in the center of Rome, the Via Veneto area has many which are between 20 and 30 minutes walk, click here to book a luxury 5 star hotel.

Shabbat meals with a family

Families are happy to host visitors for free, we have families close the synagogues in the Piazza Bologna, Repubblica and Marconi area. To be setup by a family please fill out the form. The closest families to the Great Synagogue are about half-hour walk. The families are not in Rome during the months of July-August.

Donations to Chabad (you could also choose from one of our many projects), preferably before Shabbat, are appreciated so we could notify the families about the gift.

The families put in lots of effort to host visitors, unfortunately in the past people that booked didn’t show up, in order for the families to continue to host people we ask to please notify us as much in advance if you won’t be able to participate.

Kosher restaurants in Rome

Restaurants (not Glatt) in the Ghetto quarter are open on Shabbat by prepaying in advance (the price is 45 euro per person per meal), please contact Baghetto, Bella Carne, Renato, and Yotvata restaurants to find out if they are open during your stay.
Meals could also be purchased at the restaurants before Shabbat, closing time is around 3 pm.

Catered Takeaway Shabbat meals

There are many Kosher private caterings in Rome that prepare and also deliver the meals to your hotel.

Seder Pesach in Rome

On Pesach Chabad organizes the Pesach Seders and the meals on the last days of Pesach, during Chol Hamoed Pesach some restaurants are open, they use Kitnios and Gebroks., for more info please see. Pesach in Rome

Shofar blowing

The Mitzvah of blowing the Shofar is the central commandment of the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashana, it is blown in all synagogues during the morning services, Shacharit, on both days of the holiday.

For those that can’t come to the synagogue, Rabbi Lazar reaches out during the afternoon to the Jews in the area and towards the evening anybody who didn’t have a chance to hear the Shofar is invited to come hear the Shofar at Chabad.

Who Wants to be a Millionaire at the Chanukah Party

Tens of foreign students studying in Rome joined the Chanukah Party israeli style with Pita and Falafel served while the doughnut and the latkes were frying.

After the initial mingling and eating the students divided in four teams and played “Who wants to be a millionaire” the Chanukah version. The competition was tight but the green team prevailed.

At the conclusion of the party each participant was able to take a home a Chanukah Menorah with candles and a Kosher chicken for Shabbat!

Pesach Seder in Rome

The Pesach or Passover Seder is undoubtedly one of the most attended religious events after Yom Kippur, almost no Jew would want to miss this tradition of millenias. Chabad Piazza Bologna organizes each year a Seder on the first and second night in English and in Hebrew to accommodate the travelers and the foreign students learning in Rome, some locals that don’t have a family with whom to celebrate also join the festivities.

To reserve for the first night or second night.

Chabad Monteverde organizes on the first night a Seder for English speaking students.

Below is some feedback we received in the past years:

Renowned teather critic Howard Kissel describes his experience at Chabad of Rome seder in a article on Lubavitch.com.
Hi and Happy Passover,
 We just wanted to let you know what a wonderful time we had at the seder last night. 
Everything was perfect and amazing!
Amy and Lew
 hi..just a short note to say how much i enjoyed the seder
thank you once again
Dear Menahem, I thought the seder was extraordinary. 
When Rabbi Gerald Meister told me about the Rome Chabad I expressed fear that, being run by orthodox Jews, I might feel uncomfortable. 
He assured me that would not be the case and he was, of course, completely correct. 
I thought Mendel conducted a seder that made everyone feel welcome, a true part of the learning experience.
Again, profound thanks. Best, Howard
I would like to thank you very much it was an unforgettable Seder and visit in Rome. 
I would like the recipe of the potato pie and the apple pie if possible. 
Please tell Rivka they were delicious.
Thanks again,
Our experience was completely wonderful.  Going through the haggadah was handled masterfully and then the dinner which followed was absolutely delicious with plenty to eat.  We would have liked to have sat at a table with more Americans or with Italians, but we have no idea whether that would have been possible at all.  As always, the warmth and good humor of the people who make up the Chabad were welcoming and made us feel at home and happy.  So important during Pesach!  Thank you all for a wonderful experience,  Robert and Frances Levine
We would like to take the opportunity to thank the Rabbi, wife and staff for a wonderful evening.
The food was very tasty and well presented as well as very well organised.
Thanks again.
The Milstein Family.
We would like to take this time to tell you how much we enjoyed your Seder! We were in the dining area of English speaking tourists and met many people from around the world.
We all had at least one other thing in common which was wanting to celebrate Passover at a seder while in Rome. 
Thank you so much for providing this. We were all very comfortable during the English language/and Hebrew seder. The food was good. But more than anything was the wonderful feeling that we had by completing  this Mitzvah with others  in a foreign country, not knowing where to go.
I feared that we would not get a cab from there, but many did show up, so getting back to our hotel was not a problem.
Thank you again.

Students enjoy Pesach with Chabad’s help

Tens of students in Rome came to Chabad Piazza Bologna to pick up their Pesach package consisting of handmade Shmura Matzah, machina Matzah, wine, grape juice and lots of Kosher for Pesach necessities.

The products are provided by the Chabad for Students in Milan directed by Rabbi Tzemach Mizrachi who also ships packages to students in the whole Italy.

Megillah reading and Purim meal

Tens of foreign students and local jews joined at Chabad Piazza Bologna for the Megillah reading in the afternoon of sunday, Purim.

After the reading a buffet Israeli style Purim meal was enjoyed by all together with Lechaims, for many hours the celebration continued.

The participants were gratefull to expirience an authentic Purim spirit.

Rome at Chabad on Campus International Conference

Rabbi and Mrs. Lazar attended the Chabad on Campus International Shluchim Conference together with 800 men, women and children who run Chabad Houses on university and college campuses around the world.

The Chabad on Campus network of 191 Chabad Houses reaches each year over 80,000 students, each center is financially independent, although two partners, Mr. George Rohr in the U.S.A. and Mr. David Slager in Europe, have given seed funding to many Chabad Houses.

The conference provides inspiration and tools to continue and increase the work of the Shluchim but it especially creates an atmosphere of unity between the Shluchim who connect during the year through a forum and connect their students to Chabad when they travel abroad.

Mrs. Rivkie Lazar in Campus Kinus group photo


Kosher cooking courses

Challa, round Challah, doughnuts, Latkes, Kneidelach, Kugel, cheese cake and the list goes on, these are some of the recipes presented at the cooking classes. During the class Mrs. Rivkie Lazar explains the significance the different recipes in Judaism.

Mezuza lending program

Foreign students that come to study in Rome could borrow one or more Mezuzot from Chabad and return them upon the completion of their studies, there is no charge for this service.