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Rabbi Lazar Officiates Wedding of Students Turned Doctors

Rabbi Menachem Lazar and Rebbetzin Lazar, directors of Chabad Piazza Bologna in Rome, embarked on a meaningful journey t [...]

Colosseum Illuminated for Chanukah: Vice PM Tajani Joins for Historic Lighting Ceremony

In a momentous occasion blending ancient history with contemporary celebration, the Colosseum in Rome shone with the glo [...]

Chanukah Celebration at Piazza Bologna with Firefighters

The festive atmosphere of Chanukah was elevated to new heights during the third evening of celebration at Piazza Bologna [...]

Supporting Israelis Amid Simchat Torah War

As the conflict during Simchat Torah unfolded in Israel, Chabad Piazza Bologna in Rome swiftly shifted its focus to aidi [...]

Evening with Mrs. Sarah Karmely Offers Insights on Marriage

Last night, an eager audience gathered to hear Mrs. Sarah Karmely share her experiences and insights on married life. Fo [...]

Parasha from the Torah: A multimedia opportunity for children

The Jewish multimedia landscape for children in Italian is almost non-existent, but now thanks to the small contribution [...]

For the second time: The Chanukah Menorah was lit at the Colosseum

For the second year, Chanukià illuminated the Colosseum, this year even more closer, next to the Arch of Constantine, n [...]

For the eleventh year Piazza Bologna was lit up

By now the lighting in Piazza Bologna has become a tradition in which many people participate every day and especially i [...]

Students celebrate Chanukah together

Students and young adults gathered at Chabad the first evening of Chanukah after lighting the public menorah in Piazza B [...]

250 children learn how olive oil is made

The olive oil press is an activity carried out by Chabad all over the world and in Rome by Rav Lazar for over 10 years, [...]

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