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Purim in the Shuk: Fun for all

In honor of Purim, the Chabad center in Piazza Bologna organized a party dedicated to young people. The evening was enli [...]

Rabbi Lazar Officiates Wedding of Students Turned Doctors

Rabbi Menachem Lazar and Rebbetzin Lazar, directors of Chabad Piazza Bologna in Rome, embarked on a meaningful journey t [...]

Colosseum Illuminated for Chanukah: Vice PM Tajani Joins for Historic Lighting Ceremony

In a momentous occasion blending ancient history with contemporary celebration, the Colosseum in Rome shone with the glo [...]

Chanukah Celebration at Piazza Bologna with Firefighters

The festive atmosphere of Chanukah was elevated to new heights during the third evening of celebration at Piazza Bologna [...]

Supporting Israelis Amid Simchat Torah War

As the conflict during Simchat Torah unfolded in Israel, Chabad Piazza Bologna in Rome swiftly shifted its focus to aidi [...]

Evening with Mrs. Sarah Karmely Offers Insights on Marriage

Last night, an eager audience gathered to hear Mrs. Sarah Karmely share her experiences and insights on married life. Fo [...]

Parasha from the Torah: A multimedia opportunity for children

The Jewish multimedia landscape for children in Italian is almost non-existent, but now thanks to the small contribution [...]

For the second time: The Chanukah Menorah was lit at the Colosseum

For the second year, Chanukià illuminated the Colosseum, this year even more closer, next to the Arch of Constantine, n [...]

For the eleventh year Piazza Bologna was lit up

By now the lighting in Piazza Bologna has become a tradition in which many people participate every day and especially i [...]

Students celebrate Chanukah together

Students and young adults gathered at Chabad the first evening of Chanukah after lighting the public menorah in Piazza B [...]

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