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Pesach Seder in Rome

This page is also available in: Italian Hebrew

The Pesach or Passover Seder is undoubtedly one of the most attended religious events after Yom Kippur, almost no Jew would want to miss this tradition of millenias. Chabad Piazza Bologna organizes each year a Seder on the first and second night in English and in Hebrew to accommodate the travelers and the foreign students learning in Rome, some locals that don’t have a family with whom to celebrate also join the festivities.

To reserve for the first night or second night.

Chabad Monteverde organizes on the first night a Seder for English speaking students.

Below is some feedback we received in the past years:

Renowned teather critic Howard Kissel describes his experience at Chabad of Rome seder in a article on
Hi and Happy Passover,
 We just wanted to let you know what a wonderful time we had at the seder last night. 
Everything was perfect and amazing!
Amy and Lew
 hi..just a short note to say how much i enjoyed the seder
thank you once again
Dear Menahem, I thought the seder was extraordinary. 
When Rabbi Gerald Meister told me about the Rome Chabad I expressed fear that, being run by orthodox Jews, I might feel uncomfortable. 
He assured me that would not be the case and he was, of course, completely correct. 
I thought Mendel conducted a seder that made everyone feel welcome, a true part of the learning experience.
Again, profound thanks. Best, Howard
I would like to thank you very much it was an unforgettable Seder and visit in Rome. 
I would like the recipe of the potato pie and the apple pie if possible. 
Please tell Rivka they were delicious.
Thanks again,
Our experience was completely wonderful.  Going through the haggadah was handled masterfully and then the dinner which followed was absolutely delicious with plenty to eat.  We would have liked to have sat at a table with more Americans or with Italians, but we have no idea whether that would have been possible at all.  As always, the warmth and good humor of the people who make up the Chabad were welcoming and made us feel at home and happy.  So important during Pesach!  Thank you all for a wonderful experience,  Robert and Frances Levine
We would like to take the opportunity to thank the Rabbi, wife and staff for a wonderful evening.
The food was very tasty and well presented as well as very well organised.
Thanks again.
The Milstein Family.
We would like to take this time to tell you how much we enjoyed your Seder! We were in the dining area of English speaking tourists and met many people from around the world.
We all had at least one other thing in common which was wanting to celebrate Passover at a seder while in Rome. 
Thank you so much for providing this. We were all very comfortable during the English language/and Hebrew seder. The food was good. But more than anything was the wonderful feeling that we had by completing  this Mitzvah with others  in a foreign country, not knowing where to go.
I feared that we would not get a cab from there, but many did show up, so getting back to our hotel was not a problem.
Thank you again.

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