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Social Services

  • Coronavirus Emergency

    The situation in Italy is very serious, unfortunately, the numbers are growing daily, our Italian government put the whole country on lock-down, we hope that this measure will help to contain the spreading of the [...]

  • Chabad Opens a Clothing Distribution Program

    With the opening of the new Chabad center, a new program was started, collection and distribution of new or used clothing in excellent condition. Many people have expressed a need for a place where to donate their clothing, bei[...]

  • Distribuition of Food

    Chabad Piazza Bologna distributes frozen and dry food products from the Masbia Lekol Chai Ratzon organization. About once a month a shipment is received and the food is then distributed door to door or by appointment, to the ne[...]

  • Kapparot

    The old-age tradition of Kapparot, to swing a chicken over ones head in anticipation of Yom Kippur, it symbolic act to ask that ones sins are transferred to the chicken. This tradition was not existent in Rome until Rabbi Lazar re[...]

  • Assistance

    In cases of emergency and not, Jews worldwide know the only organization they could count on is Chabad. The Chabad hotline receives tens of calls a day with requests for information, help and assistance, here are a few examples: [...]

Upcoming Events

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