This page is also available in:Italian, Hebrew


This page is also available in: Italian Hebrew

In cases of emergency and not, Jews worldwide know the only organization they could count on is Chabad. The Chabad hotline receives tens of calls a day with requests for information, help and assistance, here are a few examples:

  • Who did a woman call when she got stuck in the airport for 12 hours after loosing her connecting flight?
  • Who did a guy who missed his connecting flight and got stuck last-minute in Rome for Shabbos?
  • To who did a family who all their luggage was stolen turn to for help in translating their complaint at the police station? Borrow a pair of Teffilin?
  • To who did a family turn when their loved one was found dead on shores next to Rome with help in sending the body for burial in Israel?
  • To who does the family of an incarcerated Jew turn to help them find a lawyer and bring Kosher food to the jail?
  • To who does a person that looses his job and needs help to pay his bills turn to?
  • Who does a lonely woman living in Rome with no connection to anybody ask for help?

All these are real case scenarios that happen often, donate to the emergency fund so we could help when people need it most.

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