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The covered tombstone

Saturday, July 7, 2012

This page is also available in: Italian

The story of the covered tombstone took two years to complete, it all started in May 2010, Christine Evans emailed Chabad asking to help her in locating the grave of her grandfather who died in 1949 in Ostia, all her research didn’t produce any tangible result.

After a few months of search, Rabbi Lazar finally located the grave in August 2010 thanks to the archives of the Jewish Community. In September, Maurizio Di Veroli, volunteered to go search the grave according to the indications, he found the tombstone covered by a plant.

In 2012, Christine finally was able to plan a trip to visit her grandfather, she asked Chabad to hire a company to remove the plant, that by then had grown even more, and clean the tombstone. In June 2012, Christine arrived to Rome where she finally was able, after many years, to visit her grandfather. That friday night she also joined Chabad for Shabbat dinner. The story started in 2010 finally came to an end two years later.

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