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Lifecycle services

  • Weddings

    Chabad arranges weddings in Rome or in the surrounding areas provided that the bride and groom have all the proper documentation and took a preparatory course in Jewish law for the wedding. Chabad arranges for a rabbi to offici[...]

  • Upshernish

    The custom of Upshernish, literally "to cut", stems from the law that a Jew is not permitted to eat from a tree for the first three years, similarly there is a custom not to cut the hair of a boy till he reaches the age of three. [...]

  • Bar-Bat Mitzva

    Celebrating a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, the adulthood in the Jewish religion is a very special occasion, celebrating it in Rome could be a unique experience for a visitor, many families decide to do it as part of a trip or instead of c[...]

  • Tombstone restoration

    Following World War II and the wave of immigration from the U.S.S.R. started in the late 1960s, many refugees arrived in Rome en-route to their final destination, unfortunately many died and are buried in Rome. Due to their fi[...]

  • Brit Milah

    Brit Milah is a central commandment in Jewish life, Chabad helps and reaches out to families to perform this Mitzvah, puts them in touch with a Mohel and make sure everything works out. In certain circumstances, the Mohel doesn't [...]

Upcoming Events

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