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Lifecycle services

  • Bat Mitzvah Club in Rome

    At Bat Mitzvah Clubs International, we’re not your typical after-school Hebrew class. We’re able to give your daughter a more lasting experience that she’ll find extremely fulfilling. Not only do we teach the beauty of do[...]

  • Weddings

    Chabad arranges weddings in Rome or in the surrounding areas provided that the bride and groom have all the proper documentation and took a preparatory course in Jewish law for the wedding. Chabad arranges for a rabbi to offici[...]

  • Upshernish

    The custom of Upshernish, literally "to cut", stems from the law that a Jew is not permitted to eat from a tree for the first three years, similarly there is a custom not to cut the hair of a boy till he reaches the age of three. [...]

  • Family Purity – Courses for Brides, Grooms and Couples

    Rabbi and Mrs. Lazar offer classes for future brides and grooms taught separately, the course introduces the future couple to the practice of Taharat HaMishpacha (Family Purity), also known as the practice of Niddah. This text-bas[...]

  • Bar-Bat Mitzva

    Celebrating a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, the adulthood in the Jewish religion is a very special occasion, celebrating it in Rome could be a unique experience for a visitor, many families decide to do it as part of a trip or instead of c[...]

  • Tombstone restoration

    Following World War II and the wave of immigration from the U.S.S.R. started in the late 1960s, many refugees arrived in Rome en-route to their final destination, unfortunately many died and are buried in Rome. Due to their fi[...]

  • Brit Milah

    Brit Milah is a central commandment in Jewish life, Chabad helps and reaches out to families to perform this Mitzvah, puts them in touch with a Mohel and make sure everything works out. In certain circumstances, the Mohel doesn't [...]

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