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Tombstone Restored at Verano Cemetery

Sunday, November 15, 2015

This page is also available in: Italian Hebrew

The state of the tombstones at the antique cemetery of Verano in Rome deteriorates with time, nobody besides the direct family has permission to do any work on them. Many people who are buried in Rome don’t have any family because they were in Rome temporarily, either after the Holocaust or when leaving the Soviet Union.

The families continued on their journey and settled in other countries, but each time that a family contacts Chabad in Rome to facilitate the renewal of a tombstone, Rabbi Lazar is happy to be able to help another tombstone to be restored.

The Zalevsky family had found the tombstone of their grandfather in shatters; they wanted a new tombstone similar to the original one.

They got in touch with Chabad and Rabbi Lazar followed the process from the decision of the style of the tombstone, through the correction of the writing until the final installation.

During this time a representatives of the family came to visit and together with Rabbi Lazar they visited the grave, a few weeks later Rabbi Lazar was able to send pictures of the new tombstone.

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