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Tevilat Kelim – Immersion of Utensils

This page is also available in: Italian Hebrew

The Torah commands us to immerse a new utensil used for food in a Mikvah, this purification is not necessary if the utensils was crafted by a Jew. The immersion is not related to the physical Kosher status of the utensils but to its spiritual status. The immersion is compared to the immersion of a convert.

Metal utensils are required to be immersed from the Torah, the sages added also glass utensils. Other types of utensils don’t require immersion but whoever immerses them will be blessed.

Rabbi Lazar offers a service of pickup and dropoff of the utensils for the Jews of the area. In the first weeks that the service was offered over fifteen families immersed all their utensils of their kitchen.

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