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Tefillin and Mezuzot Checkup On Site

Sunday, October 22, 2017

This page is also available in: Italian Hebrew

Rabbi Mendy Zaigen, from Israel, flew to Rome for a week to check Tefillin and Mezuzot.

Although Tefillin and Mezuzot are checked all year round, the time is usually longer, the scribe gave the opportunity to people to have their Tefillin and Mezuzot checked in a few hours.

Over 200 Mezuzot and 25 pairs of Tefillin were brought for a checkup, some were found not Kosher, one was even a Mezuzah printed on a paper.

One person who’s Teffiiln were found to be not Kosher was positive saying that at least from now on he knows he will be wearing Kosher Tefillin.

The scribe also fixed the boxes of the Tefillin and switched the parchment and the laces when needed.

Rabbi Lazar is planning on bringing the scribe back in the future to give more people the opportunity to have their Tefillin checked.


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