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Chabad arranges weddings in Rome or in the surrounding areas provided that the bride and groom have all the proper documentation and took a preparatory course in Jewish law for the wedding.

Chabad arranges for a rabbi to officiate, for people to complete the Minyan and could help in locating a suitable location and a Kosher catering.

Match made in the Sukkah

The meals and events organized by Chabad are an occasion for students to meet and socialize and many times new friendships are created.

One of these encounters blossomed into a wedding, when Nadav and Elinor, both students from Israel learning in Rome, got married back in Israel. They first met under the Sukkah at Chabad in Piazza Bologna.

Chabad strives through its programs to grow the Jewish identity of the students in order that they should marry in the fold.

Rabbi Lazar officiates at a Jewish Wedding

In the beautiful setting of Palazzo Mannocchi in Petritoli in the region of Marche, a Jewish wedding took place, Daniella and Oren got married with the participation of many friends from all over the world!

The bride and groom live between Belgium and the United Kingdom, the spiritual preparations were followed by the Shluchim in Amsterdam, Rabbi and Mrs, Camissar.

Rabbi Itzchak Hazan, director of Chabad Rome, prepared all the necessary documents for the wedding and appointed Rabbi Menachem Lazar to officiate at the actual ceremony.