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Hundreds Celebrate High Holidays with Chabad

Throughout the month of Tishrei the activity at Chabad was non-stop.

In honor of Rosh Hashana we hosted approximately 100 people for the Rosh Hashana seder and meals and many listened to the Shofar.

Yom Kippur about 40 participated in the pre-fast meal and services for Kol Nidrei were held at the Chabad House.

For Sukkot Chabad provided about 100 sets of Lulavim and Etrogim and hosted about 200 for the meals in the Sukkah.

Yom Kippur services

Chabad Piazza Bologna in Rome organizes each year, since 5774 (2013), pre-fast meals and Yom Kippur service with explanations in English and Hebrew, for foreign students and visitors.