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Each Talled comes with a bag.

Silk Tzizit are €250, the cost goes entirely to the Di Castro synagogue.

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The tallit (or tallet, often also called tallit gadol; in Italian tallèd, in Hebrew טלית) is a Jewish fringed prayer shawl. Its origin dates back to the compilation of the Torah.

In the Italian Jewish tradition, until the 1970s, men would frequently wear a white silk tallit with blue stripes during religious ceremonies. The same kinds of tallits are common in the Spanish and Portuguese Jewish traditions.

After thorough research we initiated a new production, under the supervision of the Orthodox Jewish Community of Rome, respectful of the Italian Jewish tradition and Halakhah.

Our tallit is made entirely of silk, with hand knotted fringes and kosher tzitziot knotted according to Italian Jewish traditional craftsmanship.

The tallit bag is also handmade, presented in an elegant limited edition brocade fabric. Each tallit and bag is entirely made in Italy, representing the perfect gift for grooms or a Bar Mitzvah and a must have that Jewish men hand down to the next generation.

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Big – 78 x 55 inches, Classic – 74 x 31 inches, Infant – 19 x 6 inches, Medium – 78 x 39 inches


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