Meals by families

This page is also available in: Hebrew

Families are happy to host visitors for free, we have families close the synagogues in the Repubblica and Marconi area. To be setup by a family please fill out the form below. The closest families to the Great Synagogue are about half hour walk.

The Donations are for Chabad for arranging the meals and to ensure that the request is serious, if we can’t find a family we will refund the donation.

The families put in lots of effort for the Mitzvah of hosting visitors, unfortunately in the past people that booked didn’t show up, in order for the families to continue to host people we ask to please notify us as much in advance if you won’t be able to participate.

We would like to be hosted for:
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Chabad rabbi or other referral for security purpose:
In honor of my host I would like to donate to Chabad:
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