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Rome Purim in the Jungle

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

This page is also available in: Italian Hebrew

This year Chabad used the theme of the Jungle for the Purim events, creating a unique style where the guests were immediately immersed in the festivities.

The night of Purim, after Rabbi Lazar read the Meghillah at the Synagogue at Parioli, Chabad hosted a Purim party for students. The Meghillah was read in a drum-circle and the drums rolled when the name of Haman was read! Professional face painting was available for all students.

At 1 am a couple of visitors who got stuck in Rome for the night came to read the Meghillah.

During the day of Purim Chabad distributed hundreds of Mishloach Manot and presents for the needy.

Teenagers gathered at the Daruma Sushi restaurant to hear the Meghillah and enjoy a festive meal, families joined Chabad for the festive meal with the Jungle theme.

Various meghillah readings took place in the last hour of Purim before and during the meal!

Three Yeshiva students from London: Boruch Wilansky, Yackov Brooks and Simcha Vogel helped out through out Purim with activities and Meghillah readings.

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