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Record Attendance for High Holidays

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

This page is also available in: Italian Hebrew

The month of Tishrei recorded record attendance at Chabad’s activities in Piazza Bologna, Rome.

The holidays meals, in numbers: 80 the first evening of Rosh Hashana, 50 the second, about 50 at the pre Yom Kippur meal and the services of the eve of Yom Kippur. For Sukkot, Chabad enlarged the Sukkah to enable it to host up to 70 people.

Additionally other activities like the blowing of the Shofar for all those who can’t attend synagogue, providing over 100 Lulavim and Etrogim, shaking Lulav and Etrog, etc.. also increased in numbers since last year.

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2015-09-30 12.48.37
Shaking Lulav and Etrog with the Israeli Ambassador, Naor Gilon and wife.

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