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Public Chanukah Menorah

This page is also available in: Italian Hebrew

Every year, in the gardens of Piazza Bologna, a giant Chanukah Menorah is lit each night at 8 pm, on friday at 3 pm.

The first Saturday night of Chanukah a big party takes place, details and a list of the lightings is available at the Event section.

Some history…

In 2010 for the first time a public Menorah was on display in Piazza Bologna for one night. The lighting was accompanied by a large crowd, doughnuts, music, etc… and the presidents of the local synagogues. The idea came from Rabbi Itzchok Hazan, the Head Shliach of Chabad in Rome, how encouraged Rabbi Lazar to pursue the project. Guido Capraro, a councilor in the local municipality gave full support and after being invited to the main lighting in Piazza Barberini to the 20 feet candelabra, he requested that a large Menorah should be on display for the eight days of Chanukah also in Piazza Bologna.

Fast forward two year, in 2012, a modern Menorah built by Carlo Carbini of FEMA s.r.l. and donated by Mr. Elio Tesciuba in memory of his later mother, Rachel Tesciuba z”l, was erected in Piazza Bologna, the inauguration was honored also by the president of the local municipality.

For more info on the event of this year (2016-5777) click here

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