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For the eleventh year Piazza Bologna was lit up

Thursday, December 29, 2022

This page is also available in: Italian Hebrew

By now the lighting in Piazza Bologna has become a tradition in which many people participate every day and especially in the main evening where several hundred participate.

This year, at the main evening, there was the novelty of the presence of the Firefighters, from the Central Command of Rome, led by the deputy vicar Ing. Biancamaria Cristini present with a ladder truck from which the deputy vicar lit the Shamash and then after the lighting they threw the chocolate coins!

The evening was enlivened by the music of Josy Anticoli, donuts by the Flour bakery, biscuits from Mondo di Laura and Chanukà Gelt by President Lillo Naman.

Each evening was dedicated by another family in memory of their loved ones, with music and donuts.

We thank the II Municipality of Rome for giving us the opportunity to celebrate the party in the square and at the Rome Police Headquarters and the security volunteers of the Jewish Community for guaranteeing safety.

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