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Olive Press Workshop

This page is also available in: Italian Hebrew

What did the original Menorah really look like in the Holy Temple in Jerusalem? What really is Shemen Zayit Zach (pure olive oil)? How did the Maccabees of old make olive oil for the Golden Menorah?

The Olive Oil Press Workshop answers all these questions and many more.

Our current workshop demonstrates, with the help of participants, the process the Maccabees used to refine Olive Oil for the Menorah in the Chanukah story. Students sort and hand-press fresh olives in an old fashioned olive press made of wood and cast iron, then decant the olive juice with a modern centrifuge to quickly extract the pure olive oil – authentic “Shemen Zayit Zach”. As the olive oil is refined, the students hand spin wicks out of cotton and then light the Chanukah Menorah with the resulting oil. Concepts like the reason for using olive oil in modern day Chanukiyot and the proper lighting of the Chanukah Menorah is discussed and demonstarted.

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