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Drexel students meet Costa Rican ambassador

The group of Drexel students visiting Italy on their Alternative Spring Break with Chabad serving Drexel, were chaperone [...]

Purim meal, Meghillah, Shalach Monos and prizes!

Students, locals, visitors, young and old came to hear the Megillah reading at Chabad Piazza Bologna's Purim meal. Durin [...]

Drexel students clean up Jewish section in Roman cemetery

Chabad serving Drexel University organized and chaperoned a group of student on an Alternative Spring Break to Italy. Th [...]

Original Mishloach Manot for Supporters

Over 60 local families, supporters of Chabad Piazza Bologna in Rome, were the recipients of a most creative Mishloach Ma [...]

Photo becomes symbol of Chabad in Rome

The photo of Toive Weitman donning Tefillin on a Roman jew in front of the Colloseum while in Rome as part of the Merkos [...]

Weekly Friday Night Shabbat Dinner with Chabad

Chabad Piazza Bologna started hosting large weekly friday night dinners for foreign students and tourists in the hall of [...]

Holocaust: Authors Relate the Incredible Stories

Joanne Carras, author of the Holocaust Survivors Cookbook and Miracles & Meals, joined Alberto Sed, survivor of the [...]

Who Wants to be a Millionaire at the Chanukah Party

Tens of foreign students studying in Rome joined the Chanukah Party israeli style with Pita and Falafel served while the [...]

Chanukah Menorah displayed in Piazza Bologna

For the second year the giant Chanukah Menorah was displayed in the garden of Piazza Bologna attracting many people thro [...]

Romans complete Minyan in Sorrento

Two families, on vacation in a villa with a breathtaking view on the Sorrento coast, in need of four men to complete the [...]

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