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Minyan and Yeshiva for a week in Capri

Chabad arranged for seven guys to spend a week long vacation in Capri to complete a Minyan for a family. Two Chabad Yesh [...]

Yeshiva students take on the hot streets of Rome

Benjamin Forza and Yosef Hadad, respectively of Roman and Milanese origins, are two young Yeshiva students who came to s [...]

Chabad Converts Field in Sports Field

Soccer is a strong attraction for the local youth, after playing for a few years in a rented field, Rabbi Lazar got appr [...]

Sixth International Seder in Rome

For the sixth year Rabbi and Rebbetzin Lazar organized the Sedarim in Rome for visitors and foreign students, this year [...]

Survivor dies on the way to a Pesach vacation

In Surany, a small town in Slovakia, Mordechai Miller was born in 1927. Growing up, little Mordechai was amazed by his n [...]

Students enjoy Pesach with Chabad’s help

Tens of students in Rome came to Chabad Piazza Bologna to pick up their Pesach package consisting of handmade Shmura Mat [...]

Matza Bakery

The children of the Chabad Hebrew Sunday School of Piazza Bologna participated at the Model Matzah Bakery. The Model [...]

Megillah reading and Purim meal

Tens of foreign students and local jews joined at Chabad Piazza Bologna for the Megillah reading in the afternoon of sun [...]

Rome at Chabad on Campus International Conference

Rabbi and Mrs. Lazar attended the Chabad on Campus International Shluchim Conference together with 800 men, women and c [...]

The covered tombstone

The story of the covered tombstone took two years to complete, it all started in May 2010, Christine Evans emailed Chaba [...]

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