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  • עשרת הדיברות

    הרבי מלובביץ הדגיש מספר פעמים את החשיבות של כל יהודי ובעיקר ילדים, להיות נוכחים בזמן קריאת עשרת הדיברות, מכיוון שהם הערבות של ה[...]

  • שיעורים פרטיים אחד על אחד

    הרב וגב' לאזאר זמינים לשיעורים פרטיים אחד על אחד לפי בקשה.  [...]

  • Sports and Judaism

    Each sunday children come together to play sports while their parents either relax or play as well. The program started just with the children playing in a public soccer field rented each week, in 2013 the program was moved to a p[...]

  • סדנת יצירת שמן זית

    What did the original Menorah really look like in the Holy Temple in Jerusalem? What really is Shemen Zayit Zach (pure olive oil)? How did the Maccabees of old make olive oil for the Golden Menorah? The Olive Oil Press Worksh[...]

  • Shofar Factory

    The Shofar Factory is a hands-on workshop for the very young and the young at heart. Experienced craftsmen guide children through the step-by-step process of crafting a shofar. Once the work begins, volunteers are called up to [...]

  • Weekday Hebrew School

    Rome has one Jewish school located in the center of town, many families don't send their children because of the distance, some because of the high costs especially with multiple children.

    Although the central Chabad organ[...]

  • Kids in the Kitchen

    Kids in the Kitchen is a successful program before the Holidays where children experience hands on activities with food related to the holiday, The program was met by much enthusiasm also from the parents. Occasionally the p[...]

  • Shabbos Story

    Every Shabbat while the adults are praying at the synagogue, the children enjoy a story, chant 12 Torah passages selected by the Lubavitcher Rebbe and receive a sweet on which they make a blessing.[...]

  • ספר תורה לילדי ישראל

    Children from across the globe living in different cultures come together through the Children's Sefer Torah written in Jerusalem. Since 1982 over a million children already signed up. The Torah tells us, that children are conside[...]

  • בר או בת מצווה ברומא

    חגיגת הבר או בת מצווה זה ציון חשוב בחיים של כל יהודי, משפחות שמחליטות לקיים האירוע ברומא יוכלו להעזר בחב"ד באירגון ובמציאת מקום[...]

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