הדף הזה זמין גם בשפות הבאות : אנגלית

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הדף הזה זמין גם בשפות הבאות : אנגלית

The situation in Italy is very serious, the numbers are rising every day, the Italian government has imposed a curfew on all citizens, we hope that the guidelines will indeed help to get out of the state of emergency.

Please behave with caution, listen to the instructions of the government, wash your hands, keep your distance and do not leave the house if not for necessary things, only in this way will you be able to protect yourself and people who are in risk groups.

At the same time that we take care of our physical health, we should try to maintain mental health as well, add in Torah and mitzvos, especially things known as observance.

  1. Do not panic, think well, be good.
  2. Set or check the mezuzahs in the house that they always keep for us.
  3. You will add in the prayer especially Psalms and incense pitches which is a virtue to stop the plague.
  4. Buy a letter in a Torah scroll as it is written "and with that pen all that is written in the book will escape with you", buy a letter for children under the age of Bar and Bat Mitzvah, buy a letter for adults .
  5. Make sure you have a handmade mitzvah reserved for the Passover Seder, it is a virtue for medicine.
  6. Give charity as it is written "Charity will save from death".

Due to the situation we have moved all our activities online, the people are already in serious financial trouble, dozens of families have earned their livelihood, and have no option to buy food or pay rent, especially with the upcoming Passover upon us for good, we will appreciate any donation.

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