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Festive Chanukah Lighting in Piazza Bologna

Sunday, December 21, 2014

This page is also available in: Italian Hebrew

Each year, Motzei Shabbat (saturday night) of Chanukah, is the night of the party at the Chanukah menorah of Piazza Bologna.

Although the Chanukah menorah is lit each night by a different local family, saturday night party included a magic show by magician Benjamin Fargion, music by Josy Anticoli, lighting of the Chanukah menorah by five different people and refreshments, donuts by Little Tripoli, sushi offered by Daruma Sushi and cookies offered by Mondo di Laura.

The blessings and the first candle was lit by Tino Tesciuba in memory of his father Vittorio Tesciuba Terbasch z”l, the second by Roby Sassun in memory of his mother Wilma Sassun nee Guetta z”l, the third candle by SImone Kahlun, the fourth by Emanuele Rubin for a speedy recovery of Giuliana Mazala Kahlun and the fifth candle by Raffi Sassun in memory of his father Mevorach Sassun z”l.

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