Pesach Seder with Chabad (English – First night)

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Pesach Seder with Chabad (English - First night)

Chabad Piazza Bologna, Rome offers a Passover Seder experience for English and Hebrew speakers for the eleventh year, with a three course meal.
The Seder in Hebrew will be lead by Rabbi Menachem Lazar, the one in English by another english speaking rabbi.
The first night Seder will be in a large hall we are expecting about 200 people.

Nobody will be turned away due to lack of funds, if you need assistance please contact us with a referral.

This is the registartion page for the English Seder, to register for the Hebrew seder switch the website to the Hebrew version.

For security reasons we cannot specify the exact location of the event online, please send either identification documents or a referral.

To join the Seder in Rome for English speaking Students please go to this link


Bookings are closed for this event.

Chabad Piazza Bologna, Rome