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Drexel students meet Costa Rican ambassador

Friday, March 28, 2014

This page is also available in: Italian Hebrew

The group of Drexel students visiting Italy on their Alternative Spring Break with Chabad serving Drexel, were chaperoned by Rabbi Shmulik Greenberg and his wife Chaya Mushka née Spalter, the daughter of the Chabad Rabbi in Costa Rica, Rabbi Hershel Spalter.

Chaya Mushka brought the group to meet the Costa Rican ambassador to Italy, Dr. Jaime Feinzaig, who is a member of the Jewish Community in Costa Rica and a friend of Rabbi Spalter.

The students had the opportunity to hear from the ambassador about the great work being done in Italy on behalf of his country. At the conclusion of the meeting the ambassador put on Tefillin and pointed out how appropriate that the visit came a few hours after his daughter gave birth to twins. The ambassador thanked the group and Rabbi Lazar for giving him this opportunity.

At the conclusion of the meeting the students joined the Lazars for dinner before departing to Venice.

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