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Double Our Hosting Capacity!

This page is also available in: Italian Hebrew

We outgrew the space to hold Shabbat and Yom Tov meals, the current hall could hold about 50 guests, but in the past few weeks the overflowing crowd had the meal in a separate room, but even that isn’t enough and we weren’t able to accommodate all the requests.

In two weeks is Rosh Hashana and we need to be able to host at least 100 guests.

You could make it happen!

The plan is to waterproof cover the courtyard that we use also as a Sukkah.

The Beth Shmuel shul is sponsoring half, we need to fund-raise the whole amount by Rosh Hashana!

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18 donors donated €2301.57

Donor List

Name Amount
Nino Guetta€500
Aida Dell'Ariccia€300
Famiglia Pagliara€300
Chabad Roma€200
Ariel Raccah€150
Dario Bedussa€124.80
Amy Hayon€100
Edoardo Safdie€90
Sami Coen€90
Phyllis Ruffer€51.77
Micol Piperno€50
Ilana Gerbi Sasson€50
anna sikora€45
jacob levi€40
Lidia Fellah€30
Naor Bitton€30

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