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Children bake and receive own Matzos

Sunday, April 6, 2014

This page is also available in: Italian Hebrew

The model matzah bakery of Chabad Piazza Bologna traveled to the sunday hebrew school (Talmud Torà) run by Rabbi Itzchak Hazan, director of Chabad Rome, where tens of children of all ages participated.

Joining Rabbi Lazar was also Rabbi Canarutto of Chabad Viale Libia, who was the pioneer of the model matzah bakery in Rome.

The children saw the process of preparing the dough and then prepared their own matzah, while the matzah was baking they watched a video of how the real hand made shmura matza is prepared.

At the conclusion besides receiving the matzah they prepared the children received a piece of authentic hand made matzah for the night of the Seder.

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