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Chanukah Menorah displayed in Piazza Bologna

Sunday, December 15, 2013

This page is also available in: Italian

For the second year the giant Chanukah Menorah was displayed in the garden of Piazza Bologna attracting many people throughout the day who read the explanation posted.
Each evening was dedicated in memory of another member of the Jewish community, bringing family and friends to celebrate together.

The first evening was dedicated in memory of Elsa Ruth Magiar z”l who just recently passed away, the second in memory of Raffi Bedussa a loved man in the community, the third in memory of David and Silvio Halfon and Giulia Barda z”l.

The fourth evening was dedicated in memory of Shmuel and Sarina Naman z”l, pillars of the local Libyan Jewish community and founders of the first Libyan synagogue in Rome, the evening was honored by the Vice-President of the local City council, Mr. Emanuele Zisci and other council members Guido Capraro and Andrea Alemanni. Rabbi Lazar thanked all the people involved who made the project possible and asked Rabbi Hazan, the Head Shliach of Chabad in Rome, to offer some insights on the festivity. The Naman brothers were honored with lighting the candles and the crowd rejoiced with the doughnuts and the music.

The fifth night was dedicated in memory of Israel ben Sara and Israel ben Emma z”l, the sixth for Renato Di Nepi and Norma Zarfati z”l, the seventh in memory was attended and dedicated by the family of Elia Mimmo Fadlun z”l who continue his legacy of caring for Jewish causes.

Finally the eight night was dedicated in memory of Rachel Tesciuba (nee Fellah) z”l, the wife of the President of the Libyan Beth E-l synagogue, and in whose memory the Chanukah Menorah was built, the beautiful scenery of all the candles lit will remain in the memory of all the participants for next year.

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