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Religious Services

  • Weddings

    Chabad arranges weddings in Rome or in the surrounding areas provided that the bride and groom have all the proper documentation and took a preparatory course in Jewish law for the wedding. Chabad arranges for a rabbi to offici[...]

  • Yom Kippur services

    Chabad Piazza Bologna in Rome organizes each year, since 5774 (2013), pre-fast meals and Yom Kippur service with explanations in English and Hebrew, for foreign students and visitors. [gallery ids="7180,7179,7178,7177"][...]

  • Lulav and Etrog

    Chabad supplies the four species necessary for the holiday of Sukkot: the frond from the date palm (lulav), the fruit of a citron tree (etrog), branches of myrtle tree (haddas) and branches of the willow tree (arava). Chabad al[...]

  • Reading of the ten commandment and buffet

    Each Shavuot Chabad Piazza Bologna organizes a reading of the Ten Commandments in the afternoon of the first day of Shavuot for all those who are unable to attend synagogue in the morning. The reading is followed by a scrumptio[...]

  • Tevilat Kelim – Immersion of Utensils

    The Torah commands us to immerse a new utensil used for food in a Mikvah, this purification is not necessary if the utensils was crafted by a Jew. The immersion is not related to the physical Kosher status of the utensils but to i[...]

  • Judaica on sale

    Various types of Tefillin, Mezuzot, Talitot, Kidush cups, candlesticks, hand washing vessels, Challa boards, tablecloths and italian Jewish books are available for purchase at Chabad. [gallery ids="6293,6294,6295,6296,6297,6298[...]

  • Tefillin and Mezuza checking

    Tefillin and Mezuzot could become un-Kosher due to change in temperature or humidity, as well as other factors. The law is that Mezuzot need to be checked twice each seven years, Tefillin instead are required to be checked if not [...]

  • Shabbat and Holidays candle lighting times

    The Mitzvah of lighting Shabbat and Yom Tov candles brings the light of the holiday to shine in our homes. This Mitzvah was strongly encouraged by the Lubavitcher Rebbe who started a campaign that every Jewish woman from the age o[...]

  • Merkos Shlichus

    Starting in 1943 the previous Lubavitcher Rebbe founded a program later called Merkos Shlichus. Through the program  pairs of Yeshivah students utilize their summer breaks to visit remote cities and villages throughout the wo[...]

  • Synagogue “Beth Shmuel”

    The Beth Shmuel synagogue in memory of Shmuel Naman ob"m has daily services in the morning and in the evening. On Shabbat and holidays by day a Kidush and refreshment is offered after the services.[...]

  • Mikvah Eliahu Fadlun of Piazza Bologna

    Women's Mikvah - +39 392 255 8870

    The Mikva Eliahu Fadlun of Piazza Bologna in Via Famiano Nardin[...]

  • Courses in Judaism

    Here is a selection of JLI (Jewish Learning Institute) courses that are offered in-person and online by Rabbi and Mrs. Lazar at Chabad. The courses are comprised of 4 to 8 classes, each student receives a student manual and the[...]

  • Bar-Bat Mitzva

    Celebrating a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, the adulthood in the Jewish religion is a very special occasion, celebrating it in Rome could be a unique experience for a visitor, many families decide to do it as part of a trip or instead of c[...]

  • Ask the Rabbi

    Rabbi and Mrs. Lazar are available to answer questions on Jewish Religion, Law, Philosophy or to offer information, advice and comfort. Questions are answered in person by phone, email, text, whatsapp, facebook, twitter or any [...]

  • Brit Milah

    Brit Milah is a central commandment in Jewish life, Chabad helps and reaches out to families to perform this Mitzvah, puts them in touch with a Mohel and make sure everything works out. In certain circumstances, the Mohel doesn't [...]

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