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  • Chametz sale

    A person may sell his chametz to a non Jew for the duration of Pesach, and after writing a bill of sale, he may leave the chametz in his home without transgressing the prohibitions of not seeing or having chametz, since the chamet[...]

  • Ten Commandments

    The Lubavitcher Rebbe stressed many times the importance for each Jew especially children, to be  present at the reading of the Ten Commandments, since they are the guarantors of the Torah. Each year Chabad encourages the chil[...]

  • Yom Kippur services

    Chabad Piazza Bologna in Rome organizes each year, since 5774 (2013), pre-fast meals and Yom Kippur service with explanations in English and Hebrew, for foreign students and visitors. [gallery ids="7180,7179,7178,7177"][...]

  • Public Chanukah Menorah

    Every year, in the gardens of Piazza Bologna, a giant Chanukah Menorah is lit each night at 8 pm, on friday at 3 pm. The first Saturday night of Chanukah a big party takes place, details and a list of the lightings is available[...]

  • Lulav and Etrog

    Chabad supplies the four species necessary for the holiday of Sukkot: the frond from the date palm (lulav), the fruit of a citron tree (etrog), branches of myrtle tree (haddas) and branches of the willow tree (arava). Chabad al[...]

  • Distribuition of Chanukiot

    The Mitzvah of the holiday of Chanukah is that each house should have it's own Chanukah Menorah or Chanukiah lit each night, Chabad offers them complete with candles to tens of households, tourists and students each Chanukah holid[...]

  • Tu Bishvat

    Known as the New Year for the trees, it's contains a symbolism being that a person is compared to a tree. Chabad organizes activities related to trees and fruits for children, women or students in anticipation of the special day. [...]

  • Public Sukka

    Chabad provides a Sukkah open to the public, during Yom Tov Chabad hosts the meals and during Chol Haomed the Sukkah is open for people to bring their own food.[...]

  • Model Matza Bakery

    In the Model Matzah Bakery, children learn how Shmurah Matzah is made. Dressed in baker's hats, children mix the flour and water into Matzah dough. Then the dough is rolled out, and riddled full of holes with s[...]

  • Kapparot

    The old-age tradition of Kapparot, to swing a chicken over ones head in anticipation of Yom Kippur, it symbolic act to ask that ones sins are transferred to the chicken. This tradition was not existent in Rome until Rabbi Lazar re[...]

  • Shmura Matzah distribuition

    The Passover Matzot need to be made specifically for the Mitzvah of eating the Matzah, also the Matzah must be guarded to ensure that it does not become chametz, guarding starts at the harvesting of the wheat; these two principl[...]

  • Shofar blowing

    The Mitzvah of blowing the Shofar is the central commandment of the Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashana, it is blown in all synagogues during the morning services, Shacharit, on both days of the holiday. For those that can't come to [...]

  • Merkos Shlichus

    Starting in 1943 the previous Lubavitcher Rebbe founded a program later called Merkos Shlichus. Through the program  pairs of Yeshivah students utilize their summer breaks to visit remote cities and villages throughout the wo[...]

  • Pesach Seder in Rome

    The Pesach or Passover Seder is undoubtedly one of the most attended religious events after Yom Kippur, almost no Jew would want to miss this tradition of millenias. Chabad Piazza Bologna organizes each year a Seder on the first a[...]

  • Olive Press Workshop

    What did the original Menorah really look like in the Holy Temple in Jerusalem? What really is Shemen Zayit Zach (pure olive oil)? How did the Maccabees of old make olive oil for the Golden Menorah? The Olive Oil Press Worksh[...]

  • Shofar Factory

    The Shofar Factory is a hands-on workshop for the very young and the young at heart. Experienced craftsmen guide children through the step-by-step process of crafting a shofar. Once the work begins, volunteers are called up to [...]

  • Kids in the Kitchen

    Kids in the Kitchen is a successful program before the Holidays where children experience hands on activities with food related to the holiday, The program was met by much enthusiasm also from the parents. Occasionally the p[...]

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