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  • Stand Together: Help Secure Chabad Piazza Bologna in Rome

    Dear Friends and Supporters, In the wake of the tragic attack that occurred during Simchat Torah in Israel, we find ourselves compelled to strengthen the security measures at the Chabad House of Piazza Bologna in Rome. The safe[...]

  • Let’s start 5781 on a positive note!

    The new year is coming upon us in just a few days and we are ready to start it on a positive note, but we need your help to make it possible. As our activities will now increase with in-person meals and classes, although limite[...]

  • Coronavirus Emergency

    The situation in Italy is very serious, unfortunately, the numbers are growing daily, our Italian government put the whole country on lock-down, we hope that this measure will help to contain the spreading of the [...]

  • Make the Seder Happen!

    For the eleventh year Chabad is preparing for the largest Pesach Seder in Rome, this year we are finally building a professional kitchen for Pesach and the whole year round! The Seder is welcoming many guests at subsidized and [...]

  • Lets Complete the Chabad House in Rome

    Since January the new Chabad House is bursting with activities. With the summer and the High Holidays quickly approaching we must add a few important things: the air conditioning system, curtains, the completion of the commercial [...]

  • Double Our Hosting Capacity!

    We outgrew the space to hold Shabbat and Yom Tov meals, the current hall could hold about 50 guests, but in the past few weeks the overflowing crowd had the meal in a separate room, but even that isn't enough and we weren't able t[...]

  • Partner with Chabad to Spread more Light!

    Chanukah is just behind us, you could read all about the hundreds of people who participated at our events, but I would like to share with you the appreciation of one student learning in Rome who received a Chanukia and candles at[...]

  • Fundraising Campaign for Pesach 5776 – 2016

    Every Pesach Chabad Piazza Bologna organizes:

    • Distribution of packages of Kosher for Pesach food for students and the needy
    • Distribution of hand made Shmurah Matzà
    • Model Matzah Bakery for chil[...]

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