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  • One-on-one classes

    Rabbi and Mrs. Lazar are available for one-on-one classes on request.[...]

  • Family Purity – Courses for Brides, Grooms and Couples

    Rabbi and Mrs. Lazar offer classes for future brides and grooms taught separately, the course introduces the future couple to the practice of Taharat HaMishpacha (Family Purity), also known as the practice of Niddah. This text-bas[...]

  • Lending Library

    Chabad has a lending library of Jewish and Jewish related books in Italian, English, Hebrew, Yiddish and even some titles in Portuguese and Russian.[...]

  • Judaica on sale

    Various types of Tefillin, Mezuzot, Talitot, Kidush cups, candlesticks, hand washing vessels, Challa boards, tablecloths and italian Jewish books are available for purchase at Chabad. [gallery ids="6293,6294,6295,6296,6297,6298[...]

  • Courses in Judaism

    Rabbi and Mrs. Lazar teach various courses during the year in various venues and settings geared to different type of people, from teens to adults, some courses are geared exclusively for women.[...]

  • Kosher cooking courses

    Challa, round Challah, doughnuts, Latkes, Kneidelach, Kugel, cheese cake and the list goes on, these are some of the recipes presented at the cooking classes. During the class Mrs. Rivkie Lazar explains the significance the differ[...]

  • Ask the Rabbi

    Rabbi and Mrs. Lazar are available to answer questions on Jewish Religion, Law, Philosophy or to offer information, advice and comfort. Questions are answered in person by phone, email, text, whatsapp, facebook, twitter or any [...]

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