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  • Despite Covid, Bat Mitzvah Club girls celebrate the graduation

    Due to covid, the BMC had to skip a year, but as soon as it was possible, the program took off in conjunction with the BMC in Milan. The landmark event is the graduation, where the families gather together to celebrate the mile[...]

  • Bat Mitzvah girls prepare Challah, visit Mikvah with mothers

    The Bat Mitzvah Club in Rome offers the girls a hands-on experience, one of the most unforgettable meetings is the one with the mothers. With covid almost behind us, the mother-daughter teams, prepared Challot, one of the comma[...]

  • How a medical student in Rome found his Chabad origins

    Over the years the Passover Seder has always been the largest event we organized, we started with 50 people and over the years we reached close to 300 people. Even though during the year there are Shabbat meals, the Pesach Seder, [...]

  • Back to normality: Purim in the Shtetl

    After two years exactly since the covid lockdown, Purim was celebrated without any restrictions. Starting with a full house for the first megillah reading, the second megillah reading at the Purim Party for students, sponsored [...]

  • Students visit Ancient Ostia

    Sunday morning a group of students met at Chabad where a bus was waiting to bring them to Ostia Antica or Ancient Ostia, a Roman city discovered by archeologists and where 70 years ago a 2000-year-old Synagogue was uncovered, the [...]

  • Intimate wedding celebrated in Rome

    An emotional wedding was celebrated when a bride and a groom came to Italy in order to get married in an intimate ceremony. Rabbi Lazar instructed the couple to register with the Rabbanut in Israel so the wedding will be recogn[...]

  • First time Chanukah at the Colosseum

    A historical event took place this Chanukah in Rome; an ice Chanukah Menorah was lit in front of the Colosseum. The idea has always been in Rabbi Lazar's mind. This year in a series of divine providences, in a record-breaking t[...]

  • Despite Covid, BMC is happening!

    With some delay, after months of preparations on how to run the Bas Mitzvah Club during the pandemic, finally, the girls were able to meet in person. Joining on zoom was the BMC of Milan led by Mashi Hazan of WOW - Women of the[...]

  • Chanukah illuminates Piazza Bologna

    For the eight nights of Chanukah, Piazza Bologna, the central square in the Jewish neighborhood of Rome was lit with the giant Chanukah Menorah for the eighth year in a row. Thanks to the permits granted by the local Municipali[...]

  • Tefillin granted to resolution-makers

    Thanks to two generous individuals, Mr. Rami Levi from Israel and Ronen Biton from Hungary, we were able to grant Tefillin to people who took it upon themselves to wear the Tefillin daily. The donations were facilitated respect[...]

  • Starting a new tradition? Shofar in the park

    Amid rising cases of COVID in Italy and in the Jewish community, the Chabad center hosted private services for Rosh Hashana while in the terrace the Rosh Hashana Seder was held. Local and students originating from Israel, the U[...]

  • Chanukiot and candles shipped through Italy

    Jews living in Rome but also all over Italy requested Chanukiot, candles, and even books related to Chanukah to be shipped to them. Chanukah is a holiday when Jews of all walks of life want to feel the warmth of the light of Ju[...]

  • Sushi in the Sukkah covid style

    The holiday of Sukkot is a time when we eat outside so it was the perfect setting to be in a safe enviroment and be able to celebrate with a small and distanced event. Thanks to Daruma Sushi for the Sushi and Chana Lazar for th[...]

  • Delegation of covid doctors receive Kosher food

    An Israeli delegation of doctor and nurses from the Sheba Hospital came to Italy, to the region of Piedmont, for a period of ten days. The delegation contacted Chabad who arranged for Masbia to ship food and meals for the Koshe[...]

  • Giant Sukkah at half capacity

    Last year Sukkot, the Sukkah was bursting and we didn't have enough space, so we planned to enlarge the Sukkah for this year and we're planning to host about 150 people. Due to Covid we couldn't allow foreigners in the Sukkah a[...]

  • Virtual Sinai Scholar Course attracts many

    During the lockdown, when no in-person activity was allowed, Rabbi Lazar offered to both the Italian as well as the Israeli students to participate in the Sinai Scholar eight-week-long course. Almost 30 students registered for [...]

  • Shabbos care packages during lockdown

    During the hard months of lockdown when the students were locked at home or after when they returned from Israel and had to be in quarantine, Chabad gave out Shabbat care packages, initially delivering and later on when the author[...]

  • In-person Shabbos meals resume in safety

    Over four months without being together, after taking every precaution that we could re-start in-person activity, we had our first Shabbat meal COVID-style. The meal was reserved just for students learning in Rome, each person [...]

  • Matzah Delivery throughout Rome

    In the weeks preceding Pesach while Italy was in lockdown, many people turned to Chabad not knowing how they will be able to have Matza and other provisions for the holiday. In the meantime, the stores started organizing home d[...]

  • Rome Jews celebrate first Jewish wedding after lockdown

    JTA — Italian Jews celebrated their community’s first wedding since the country’s synagogues, along with many other institutions, were shut down due to the coronavirus. Marco Del Monte, a Rome-born chef who is studying fo[...]

  • Italians and Foreigners Mingle at Chanukah Party

    The Pre-Chanukah party was a big success with many foreign students in attendance but also locals.

    Rabbi Lazar opened the celebration with an explanatio[...]

  • Yearlong Study Rewarded with NY Trip

    Ten students from Rome joined tens of others from around Europe thanks to ECJS and Meromim for a trip of a lifetime to New York.

    The students learned th[...]

  • 2nd Year: Bat Mitzvah Club Graduation

    The second year of BMC at Chabad Piazza Bologna Rome ended off with a moving ceremony where the girls each spoke about something they learned this year at BMC that they can apply to their lives as they become Jewish Women. The [...]

  • Second Year of Bat Mitzvah Club Starts in Rome

    Following a successful first year, the Bat Mitzvah Club International meet with new participants for another year of learning and growth. At the first meeting the parents were presented with the program for the year that includ[...]

  • New Chabad Center Inaugurated

    A beautiful  buffet welcomed the guest at the inauguration of the new Chabad center in Piazza Bologna after nine years of constant work, Chabad finally has a place to call home for all their activities. The center has a big ha[...]

  • Hundreds Celebrate High Holidays with Chabad

    Throughout the month of Tishrei the activity at Chabad was non-stop. In honor of Rosh Hashana we hosted approximately 100 people for the Rosh Hashana seder and meals and many listened to the Shofar. Yom Kippur about 40 parti[...]

  • Sinai Scholars Arrives to Rome

    The Sinai Scholar Society approved this year the opening of a new branch in Rome, the first course limited to 10 participants was filled up quickly and two more places were added. At the first class a lively discussion ensued a[...]

  • Tefillin and Mezuzot Checkup On Site

    Rabbi Mendy Zaigen, from Israel, flew to Rome for a week to check Tefillin and Mezuzot. Although Tefillin and Mezuzot are checked all year round, the time is usually longer, the scribe gave the opportunity to people to have the[...]

  • First Year of Bat Mitzvah Club Celebrated

    In an emotional ceremony, families and friends, gathered to assist at the graduation of young ladies who completed the year-long course. The Bat Mitzvah girls were called up one by one to the front under an arch of balloons, th[...]

  • Increase in the Observance of Purim

    The joyous holiday of Purim is celebrated every year by more Jews in Rome. Saturday night, Rabbi Lazar read first the Meghillah for the synagogue "Bet Eliyahu" in Parioli and then at the Chabad center followed by gourmet Hamant[...]

  • BMC 3: A Rose Among Thorns

    The third meeting of the BMC in Rome took place at the Chabad Center of Piazza Bologna. The theme was our matriarch Rivka, as she grew up in an immoral society, but prevailed on the peer-pressure, so to each Jewish girl in scho[...]

  • Story of Operation Entebbe Narrated

    Rome had the honor to host one of the heroes of "Operation Thunderbolt" that took place at Entebbe in Uganda. Rami Sherman, the official of operations during the mission, spoke for over two hours with a brief translation to Ita[...]

  • “Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel” – Students Celebrate Chanukah

    In order to accommodate the many students leaving for winter brake, the Chanukah party was planned for the Sunday before Chanukah. Students enjoyed an array of activities like the building of a Chanukah Menorah, an individual D[...]

  • Chabad Opens a Clothing Distribution Program

    With the opening of the new Chabad center, a new program was started, collection and distribution of new or used clothing in excellent condition. Many people have expressed a need for a place where to donate their clothing, bei[...]

  • Bat Mitzvah Club Launched in Rome

    The International Bat Mitzvah Club based in NY, with over 400 locations worldwide, was launched in Rome. After months of preparations, including translating the material, organizing the activities and classes, the BMC in Rome b[...]

  • Chabad Student Calendar

    Rome is populated by hundreds of Jewish students and young adults, Chabad published a year long calendar with the program of all the activities geared to them.[...]

  • Record High Holidays at Chabad

    The beginning of the Jewish new year is marked by the High Holidays, Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur, when Jews worldwide connect with their heritage. For Rosh Hashana Chabad hosted a record breaking 90 people for the first night S[...]

  • Chabad Opens Jewish Info Point

    Via Berengario 26 is the new address for any Jewish need in Piazza Bologna, Rome. The new location serves as a multi purpose center for many Chabad activities and offers various amenities:

    • Learning Center
  • Large Tent Built to Double Hosting Capacity

    An online fundraiser launched in an effort to double the hosting capacity for the Chabad meals fund raised 20.000 euro. With many Shabbat meals where the participants where d[...]

  • Chabad Connects Relief Efforts for Earthquake

    In the early morning of the 24th of August, Rabbi Menachem Lazar, director of Chabad Piazza Bologna, Rome, was contacted by Rabbi Meshi Zahav, director of Zaka, an Israeli Rescue organization to offer help for the earthquake that[...]

  • Practical Torah Thought on Whatsapp

    Rabbi Menachem Lazar launched a new project by the request of a good friend who wanted to receive a daily audio Torah thought in italian. The thought is about three to four minutes long and it focuses on practical application o[...]

  • Rooftop Lag Baomer Party Becomes Tradition

    A tradition is being formed, for the second year the Lag Baomer party was celebrated on a rooftop. The location proves perfects for a big traditional bonfire and for the barbecue. A mix of locals and foreign students filled up [...]

  • Chabad Hosts Largest Seder in Rome for the 8th Year

    Tens of families that celebrated the Pesach Seder with handmade Shmura Matzah, tens of families and individuals that received a package of food and over 180 people that participated at the public Seder are some of the goals reache[...]

  • Special Women Entertain Shabbat Guests

    Each Friday night meal is special, thanks to the special guest, great food and atmosphere, the songs, stories, etc... This week, Shabbat Hagadol, a few interesting guests created a great atmosphere, Rabbi Aharon and his wife Ra[...]

  • New Chabad Center Inaugurated

    On Sunday, the 7th of Tishrei, 9th of October, the new Chabad center of Piazza Bologna was officially inaugurated. Many locals came to see the new place that hosts a library, Judaica items, lounge, new clothing for the needy an[...]

  • Rome Purim in the Jungle

    This year Chabad used the theme of the Jungle for the Purim events, creating a unique style where the guests were immediately immersed in the festivities. The night of Purim, after Rabbi Lazar read the Meghillah at the Synagogu[...]

  • 15 of Shvat: How To Grow Strong

    Dr. Yechiel Harari, a best-selling author of “The Secret of the Rebbe” and “To Win Every Moment a New”, has served as journalist, parliamentary assistant and top advisor to the Ministry of Housing and Industry, but decided[...]

  • Chassidic Gathering in Honor of Yud Shevat

    The 10th day of the Jewish month of Shevat ("Yud Shevat" in Hebrew) is a most significant date on the Chabad calendar. It is the yahrtzeit of the sixth Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Schneersohn (1880-1950), of righteous[...]

  • Chanukah: Lighting up Piazza Bologna and the whole Rome

    Chanukah is a holiday of light and joy, Chabad in Piazza Bologna erected, as in the past years, the iconic giant Chanukiah in the center of the square, the mai[...]

  • Tombstone Restored at Verano Cemetery

    The state of the tombstones at the antique cemetery of Verano in Rome deteriorates with time, nobody besides the direct family has permission to do any work on them. Many people who are buried in Rome don’t have any family becau[...]

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