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Back to normality: Purim in the Shtetl

Saturday, April 9, 2022

This page is also available in: Italian Hebrew

After two years exactly since the covid lockdown, Purim was celebrated without any restrictions.

Starting with a full house for the first megillah reading, the second megillah reading at the Purim Party for students, sponsored by Kspace, was packed, and the third reading for the latecomers.

During the day another three megillah readings gave the opportunity to all to participate and at 4:30 pm the traditional Purim meal with entertainment for the children.

Various families that found themselves in quarantine were also able to listen to the Megillah thanks to Mendel Stein, who was brought especially to Rome for Purim.

Thanks to the generosity of the people that came to Chabad almost 1000 euros were distributed to the needy.

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