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Supporting Israelis Amid Simchat Torah War

Sunday, October 29, 2023

This page is also available in: Italian Hebrew

As the conflict during Simchat Torah unfolded in Israel, Chabad Piazza Bologna in Rome swiftly shifted its focus to aiding Israelis stranded in Italy. With flights suspended and uncertainty looming, Chabad became a beacon of support for those seeking refuge or a means to return home.

Israeli nationals stuck in Rome were assisted in securing flights back to Israel, ensuring their safe return amidst the turmoil. Additionally, Chabad worked tirelessly to accommodate Israelis who had initially traveled to Italy to escape the war, arranging lodging, including stays in hotels offered by local Jewish families.

In a show of solidarity and comfort, Chabad organized several evenings of support, prayer, and Hafrashat Challah for the local Israeli community. These gatherings provided solace and a sense of unity during a challenging time, offering a space for reflection, connection, and spiritual nourishment.

Amidst the chaos, Chabad also facilitated the sale and donning of tefillin for those seeking to strengthen their spiritual connection. Furthermore, survivors of the recent tragedy found refuge and warmth in Chabad’s embrace, finding solace and support during Shabbat meals.

In times of crisis, Chabad remains a steadfast pillar of support, offering assistance, guidance, and compassion to all in need.

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